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Group kicks off Week of Action, pushing for change to license laws

NILES, Mich.—The Drive Michigan Forward coalition is calling for the community to join in and help them advocate to restore driver’s licenses for all. This is a statewide coalition that started two years ago to support undocumented immigrants and anyone who faces challenges in receiving a license.

In 2017, the federal government implemented a law called the “Real ID Act,” which established criteria for driver’s licenses and state ID’s to be recognized for federal purposes, such as entering a federal building or boarding a plane for a flight. Real ID’s require proof of lawful status, meaning you need you need to be a permanent resident or have a green card, be an asylee, have deferred action or DACA, or be a pending resident of asylum or green card.

Due to this burden of proof, Deputy Director of the We the People Action Fund said it makes things extremely hard and complicated for people in Michigan, but especially undocumented residents, considering you need more documentation for a real ID.



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