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Opinion | State IDs and driver’s licenses are vital to Michiganders’ health

What do doctor’s appointments, banks, schools, libraries, and Michigan roads all have in common? Without a state-issued ID or driver’s license, you don’t have access to them. And each of them is necessary for a healthy life. As public health researchers, we know that Michigan residents who lack state-issued IDs or driver’s licenses struggle to get preventive health services like vaccines, prenatal care, and medical screenings—low cost health services that save countless lives.

Michiganders without state-issued IDs or driver’s licenses also struggle to access financial resources and educational opportunities and safely get to work, school, and medical appointments. The Drive SAFE bills (HB 4835 and HB 4836) currently being considered by the Rules & Competitiveness Committee in the Michigan Legislature would remove barriers to accessing these health promoting ID documents and would ultimately help save lives and promote health.



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