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Thank you so much for joining the #DriveMichiganForward Week of Action from September 8th-September 13th! Use this toolkit as a reference for what actions are occurring on each day, what our asks are, and how to post about them - both as an individual, and as an allied organization. 

Campaign Overview + Why This Matters

Drive Michigan Forward (DMF) is a coalition made up of immigrants and allies. Our goal is to restore driver’s licenses to all and pave the way for basic dignity and security for members of our community. By restoring driver’s licenses to all Michiganders, regardless of immigration status, we can make Michigan a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and belong.

The Drive SAFE House Bills 4835 and 4836 and Senate Bills 433 and 434 were reintroduced to the Michigan Legislature Tuesday, May 11th.  We've been working hard over the summer and this fall we have a fighting chance at getting Drive SAFE bills into a hearing in the House Rules and Competitiveness Committee. Now, we need to up the momentum and encourage key Michigan representatives to support Drive SAFE House Bills before the legislative session ends! 

What is the Week of Action?

As part of the Drive Michigan Forward, we are putting together a five day Week of Action. Our goal is to amplify the campaign and let legislators know that we want our bill to move forward!





What can I do?

1. Visit our Take Action page! to sign up for phonebanks and send an advocacy email!

2. Help us amplify our campaign by using the graphics and captions below to post on your own social media. Don't forget to tag and follow us (@DriveMIForward for Twitter and Instagram, @DriveMichiganForward on Facebook).

3. Create your own media! Post a selfie or a picture of your favorite place in Michigan, caption it with why you support #DriveMIForward, and tag us!

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Graphics and Gifs

Use the gallery below to download some Drive Michigan Forward graphics, or you can head to one of our partner's Giphy accounts to download gifs! You can also look up Drive Michigan Forward gifs on Twitter and Facebook posts, and Drive Michigan Forward stickers on your Instagram Stories.


Click or tap the "download" button on the images below, and a high quality image will pop up in a new window for you to save.

General graphics of support:

#1 General DMF-01.png
Final Square Schedule-01.png
Schedule- Twitter.png
#3 General DMF-01.png
#2 General DMF-01.png
What is DMF-01.png
Schedule- Twitter.png
Schedule- Insta Story.png

Week of Action Schedule:

Sized for Twitter, Instagram/Facebook, and Instagram story (from left to right).

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Sample captions and posts

Use the captions below to post your graphics! Don't forget to post your own selfie or picture of your favorite place in Michigan, caption it with why you support #DriveMIForward, and tag us!


I believe in Michigan where every single one of us can move freely & without fear - that’s why I support @DriveMIForward's #DriveSAFE bills.🚗

It’s time for driver’s licenses for all, regardless of immigration status!


Take action:



No matter our race or place, we all value our freedom - the ability to move around on our own terms. In MI, that means we deserve the right to a driver’s license, regardless of documentation.


Join me in fighting for licenses for all w/ @DriveMIForward:



Whether we’re white, Black, or brown, longtime residents or newcomers, we all value our freedom. But freedom requires the ability to move around on your own terms.


In MI, a driving state, it's time for driver's licenses for all. Join me & @DriveMIForward:




Together we can build a MI where everyone has freedom of movement. Where we can not only do essentials like care for loved ones, but also move freely w/o fear & do things that bring us joy. 🥳


It's time to restore drivers licenses for all.


Join us:


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