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Together we are fighting to make Michigan a place where freedom is for everyone, and where all of us - regardless of immigration status - can move freely.

That's why we've introduced two House Bills and two Senate Bills to restore the right of all Michiganders to have driver's licenses! Take action to support the bills below. 
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Call Representative Julie Calley and House Speaker Jason Wentworth to demand a hearing with a vote!
(517) 373-0842 and (517) 373-8962

“Hi, my name is ________ and I live in ________ (town/city),  I'm calling to urge you to support the Drive SAFE House bills 4835 and 4836 and become a champion of the cause by giving these bills a hearing with a vote. Your vote and support is key to restoring the right of all Michiganders to access a state ID or driver's license with proof of identity and Michigan residency, regardless of citizenship status.”

Mail a letter or piece of art to House Speaker Wentworth and Rep. Calley!
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Take a minute to send an advocacy email to key legislators below - and demand a bill hearing!
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